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Community Management and Hidden Marketing
Raising interest towards the project through discussions on Bitcointalk, Reddit, Telegram, Linkedin using hundreds of accounts.

Community Management and Hidden Marketing
Raising interest towards the project through discussions on Bitcointalk, Reddit, Telegram, Linked In using hundreds of accounts.

About us
Vseslav Karpowicz
Founder & Director
A good thread with active discussions and a large amount of information is an important factor that investors consider before participating in the ICO.

Raising interest towards the project through discussions on Bitcointalk, Reddit, Telegram using hundereds of accounts. Necessary to quickly get the attention of potential investors.

How is it possible to draw potential ICO participants through discussions in Bitcointalk, Reddit, and Telegrams and what are the advantages of it?

The services provided by our team will undoubtedly give you significant benefits:
The discussion is always upped, which gives you a constant flow of members and investors
The community's volume and activity increase conversions across all channels of attraction
Coverage of more sites and active discussions create a constant influx of new members and investors
You answer questions and develop the correct concept of the project
Due to the constant activity of your project, people will always talk about it
Attraction of investments is not limited to one economic space
Sending Bulk Messages On Telegram
Sending personal messages to targeted members and potential investors who are interested in ICO's.
1) We send PM with any text that you provide to the members of groups like bancor, OMG, civic etc. or any other. We use our own unique base of potential investors who can be interested in your ICO as well. Your text could be a description of a project with as an invitation to join your channel/group as well as with links to your website, whitepaper, description etc. We send everything you want.
We use our own unique tools for parsing audience, sending PM.
Bringing the project to cryptocurrency exchanges
After successful ICO stages, your project will have to add its tokens to the cryptocurrency exchange. This will provide investors with the potential to sell tokens they previously bought.

Our team offers a full range of consulting services for the choice of an exchange for your project and the support of token placement.

Our main advantages:
1. Wide choice of potential exchanges
2. Support at all transaction stages
3. Fixed terms for entering an exchange
4. Attractive financial conditions
One of the most successful and popular promotions on the market
Mass Media
We are one of the leaders on the market working with more than 35 mass medias at the moment.

Your idea will be featured on the best possible platforms to catch the interest of your audience and potential investors. Promote your project on best websites, such as Forbes, USATODAY, INC, Business.com, Tech.co, Newsmax, Coinshedule, CCN, Coindesk, TNW, Odysseyonline, Hacked, IBM, Yourstory, investing.com, seekingalpha and others
Creating a full version of whitepaper
We will supplement the basic version with technical details, diagrams, and formulas, extending the document to 25-35 pages.
>1 BTC
Translation of whitepaper into different languages
We will translate all whitepaper information into different languages.
>0.05 BTC
Sending proposals to funds
We will send out invitation to participate in your ICO to our database of 250 cryptofunds.
>0.3 BTC
Help in finding advisors
We will select candidates and hold negotiations with potential advisors according to your requirements.
>2 BTC
Paid listings
We will select the optimal sites for ICO and ensure its placement on the most favorable terms.
>0.1 BTC
Google AdWords customization
We customize targeting for your ICO to investors. You receive only target transitions.
>0.3 BTC
Exchange entry
Creating a strategy and placing your project on the world's cryptocurrency exchanges
>2 BTC
Let's get down to business
All you have to do is trust us, sit back and relax, while we handle everything
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